Every scene, every thing, building or landscape, has its specific character, a certain atmosphere, a unique aesthetic. With my photos I want to try and reveal the uniqueness of the elements of our world. For me, this perspective is about respect and attention which I want to pay to the world in front of my eyes. The results are mostly abstract photos, because I automatically focus on details or what I call the “color” of a scene. By capturing them, I try to present an unseen, sometimes surprising perspective. Often there is more to the world around us than we might initially notice, I think. Just as every individual human being is unique in his or her very own way, a building is not just a building, a landscape not just a landscape, a scene not just a scene. They are all made of an agglomeration of pieces, moments, external influences that shape them. My photos are my way to make this manifoldness and diverse beauty and grace visible.


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    • Hey Aimée!
      Many thanks for your comment! I like your article; it captures the spirit of Basel quite well I think. And yes, the Goetheanum is worth more attention! It is a highly impressive building, not to mention the whole philosophy behind it. My friend and I spent a whole three hours there, opening ourselves to the building, because it was such a special place with a very warm atmosphere, even though the building itself is so massive.


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